Five topo­graphic models of moun­tain-land­scapes in the scale of ca. 1:1.000 - 1:3.000 depict geographic areas in different parts of the world, which are on the same lati­tude as the city of Edmonton in Canada. The corre­sponding longi­tu­dinal coor­di­nates are written on the sides of the lanterns. Stain­less-steel, each 7 x 7 m, Kath­leen-Andrews-Transit-Garage in Edmonton, Alberta. Comple­tion 2020.

24 kt

a bird’s nest, cast of solid fine-gold twigs and a contrac­tual agree­ment that allows the school to destroy the nest after a minimum of 14 years serves as a concep­tual foun­da­tion for the new Fuchs­berg primary school in the district of Berlin Marzahn-Hellers­dorf and due to its economic value also as an invest­ment for future needs of the school. Completed October 2018.

The opera ain‘t over till the fat lady sings

A large tambourine, 5 m diam­eter x 1,2 m, red-white coated aluminum construc­tion with seven bronze pigeons atop standing upright at the entrance to the sculp­ture park of the Center for Polish Sculp­ture, Oronsko/PL. Completed summer 2017.

20.000 Morgen

32 silver-plated terrain-models at a scale of 1:50.000 in each room of the guest house of the THW (Federal Agency for Tech­nical Relief) federal school in Neuhausen / Fildern. Completed in fall 2016.

Reflected Ministry

Inter­ac­tive Videoin­stal­la­tion projected onto the glass-facade of the building A3, Cross­build­ings (Kreuzbauten) in Bonn. Completed 2015.

Pink Occur­rence

Inter­ak­tive fog-sculp­ture on the bank of the Nowa Motlawa, Stare Dolni in Gdansk/PL. Designed 2012 for the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk compe­ti­tion for the Laznia Centre of Contem­po­rary Art. Comple­tion planned, pending.

Radom Cumulus

Designed 2010, real­ized in 2014 for the Mazovian Centre of Contem­po­rary Art - Elek­trownia in Radom, Poland. A three-dimen­sional light object made of 19 layers of curved neon contours, stacked hori­zon­tally on top of each other. The contours form a styl­ized cumulus cloud that rests on the very edge of the roof above the entrance of the new built museum.

And honey upon hawthorn grows

Real­ized in 2013 in the park Nadmorski in Gdansk/PL within the South Baltic Program, Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region 2 coor­di­nated by the Elec­trotech­nical Insti­tute Gdansk Branch.

Cumulus 11.08

Real­ized in 2012 as a perma­nent instal­la­tion in the sculp­ture park of the Herbert Gerisch Foun­da­tion in Neumün­ster, Germany. A stylised cloud made from shiny white plastic measuring 300 x 200 x 200 cm is swivel­mounted at a height of 580 cm at the tip of a 450 cm-long hori­zontal cross­beam which swings above the house.

60°N 05°E (encased waterside)

A rectan­gular, polished stain­less steel panel measuring 416 m² covers the stony shore of an inner city fjord with a small island. The panel is exactly aligned according to the earth’s coor­di­nate system and relates to the area between 60°22’52.55“N / 60°22’51.8“N and 05°20’01.24“E / 05°20’02.32“E. 2010 designed for the Norwe­gian city of Bergen, installed 2012 as part of the Bybanen Art Program.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Random­ized neon­signs marking the former fron­tier crossing point Ober­baum­bridge Berlin. Realised in 1997. Commis­sioned by the Berlin Senate Depart­ment for Urban Devel­op­ment and the Envi­ron­ment as a perma­nent marker on the Ober­baum­brücke, the former border crossing between East and West Berlin.

Milk & Honey in Ratingen

Mirrored LED text presented as part of the exhi­bi­tion project “Blick­wechsel” in North Rhine Westphalia—42 art projects in public space, 2011.

Cumulus Berlin

Realised in 2010 in the garden court­yard of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agri­cul­ture and Consumer Protec­tion in Berlin.

Standby Potsdam

A vertical gasflame, realised as part of the exhi­bi­tion project “Auf zu den Sternen” (To the Stars) orga­nized by the Bran­den­bur­gis­cher Kunstverein from September 2000 to March 2001 on the Schiff bauer­gasse indus­trial site in Potsdam.

Cumulus 08.07

Designed in 2008 for the sculp­ture path “Licht­prom­e­nade” (Prom­e­nade of Light), realised in 2009 in Lipp­stadt, Germany.

Die Potsdamer

Film produc­tion for Pots­damer Straße in Berlin. Not realised. Winner of the 2005 compe­ti­tion “Pots­damer Straße—Künstlerische Installation(en) zur Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte” (Potsdam Street—Artistic Installation(s) relating to the history of art and culture).

Milk & Honey

A large scale slide in a light box, 230 x 180 x 12 cm, at the Berlin S-Bahn station Unter den Linden, as part of the “trans­portale”, April – May 2003. 

Wismar depot

Lumi­nous red neon text spelling “Milch & Honig” in back-to-front letters in the old city harbour of Wismar. Installed in 2005 during “Zum Wasser—ins Licht”, Kunst im Stad­traum Wismar. (To the Sea—into the Light, Art in Urban Space in Wismar). 

Rivers of wine & beer

A steel profile frame with white and blue neon letters running around it and a round hole in the ground, realised as part of the Wies­badener Kunst­sommer “Wo bitte geht’s zum Öffentlichen?” (2006 Summer of Art, Wies­baden, Germany “Show me the Way to the Public Sphere!”).

Hunger and Thirst, Coke and Sausages

Inter­ven­tion with three men on a balcony covered in flowers on the Wies­badener Rathaus­markt, 24th of August 2000 – 16th of September 2000.


Realised in 2002 in the Martin Gropius hospital in Eber­swalde, Germany. Commis­sioned by the Bernau State Plan­ning Office and the Bran­den­burg Ministry of Finance.


Five large flatscreens inserted between the pillars of the atrium of the Eber­swalde regional hospital show hands walking on their finger­tips. Realised in 2002 in the Martin Gropius hospital in Eber­swalde, Germany. Commis­sioned by the Bernau State Plan­ning Off ice and the Bran­den­burg Ministry of Finance.


Glazed section, measuring 250 x 140 cm, of the brick back wall of the exhi­bi­tion hall of the Kunsthalle Münster, 2002, a visi­tors’ bench, construc­tion spot­lights mounted on the inside and outside.

International Sculpture

A protec­tive wall of approx­i­mately 1,500 sand­bags in front of the Kunsthalle, realised in 1993 on the occa­sion of the exhi­bi­tion “Kunst im Welt­maßstab” (Art on a World Scale) at Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany, as a Thomas Bauer project (Thorsten Gold­berg and Wieland Bauder).