Exhi­bi­tion 10. May – 21. June 2019
Projek­traum Deutscher Künstler­bund
curated by Susanne Hegmann with Dorthe Goeden, Thorsten Gold­berg, Miriam Jonas, Hyun-Gyoung Kim, Gertrud Neuhaus, Michael Reiter.

24 kt

a bird’s nest, cast of solid fine-gold twigs and a contrac­tual agree­ment that allows the school to destroy the nest after a minimum of 14 years serves as a concep­tual foun­da­tion for the new Fuchs­berg primary school in the district of Berlin Marzahn-Hellers­dorf and due to its economic value also as an invest­ment for future needs of the school. Completed October 2018.

24 kt – inauguration

Presen­ta­tion and hand over of the golden nest “24 kt” – art on construc­tion for the new Fuchs­berg primary school – to the school and the students.
November 16, 1 pm at the Fuchs­berg primary school, Apfel­wick­ler­straße 4-6, 12683 Berlin Marzahn-Hellers­dorf

ARTISTRY. Orońsko collection

Exhi­bi­tion 29 September 2018 – 6 January 2019
Museum of Contem­po­rary Sculp­ture Orońsko/PL
Curator Eulalia Domanowska, Coop. Henryk Gac,
with: Magdalena Abakanowicz, Paweł Althamer, Ewa Axelrad, Sylwester Ambroziak, Mirosław Bałka, Krzysztof M. Bednarski, Michalina Bigaj, Włodz­imierz Borowski, Tony Cragg, Tatiana Czekalska i Leszek Golec, Wojciech Fangor, Miłosz Flis, Władysław Hasior, Thorsten Gold­berg, Jacek Jagielski, Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz, Marek Kijewski i Małgorzata Mali­nowska “Kocur”, Jarosław Koza­kiewicz, Edward Krasiński, Piotr Kurka, Alicja Kwade, Natalia Lach-Lachowicz, Daria Malicka, Jarosław Perszko, Marta Pszonak, Maciej Szańkowski, Martyna Szwinta, Sofie Żezmer.

The opera ain‘t over till the fat lady sings

A large tambourine, 5 m diam­eter x 1,2 m, red-white coated aluminum construc­tion with seven bronze pigeons atop standing upright at the entrance to the sculp­ture park of the Center for Polish Sculp­ture, Oronsko/PL. Completed summer 2017.

Watch your bubble!

About Borders, Multi­plicity and Exten­sions
Exhi­bi­tion May 10.  - June 23. 2018
Curator: Nicole Löser
Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tier­garten Berlin

the artwork shall …

Lecture May 8. 2018, 7pm
at the  Art Academy Mainz
Am Tauberts­berg 6, 55122 Mainz


Exhi­bi­tion Thorsten Gold­berg /  Martin Kalt­wasser
29. August. - 1. November 2017
curated by: Uwe Jonas
Studio im Hochhaus, Berlin

Constructing Clouds (Oronsko)

Solo Exhi­bition 29. July - 22. October 2017
curated by: Eulalia Domanowska
Center of Polish Sculp­ture, Oronsko/PL

Transactions – About the value of artistic labour

Exhi­bi­tion 1. June 2017 - 20. August 2017
curated by Marc Well­mann
Haus am Lützow­platz, Berlin

53°30’N wins the international competition for NETG in Edmonton

53°30’N is a collec­tion of five topo­graphic models of moun­tain-land­scapes from different parts of the world, which are on the same lati­tude as the city of Edmonton in Canada. They will be build in stain­less steel in the scale of 1:1.000 and mounted upright on the facing sides of the lanterns on the roof of the North East Transit Garage building. The project was devel­oped for the inter­na­tional public art call to propose a signa­ture artwork for the new building of the NETG.
5 topo­graphic models of moun­tain-land­scapes, each ca. 680 x 700 cm. Client: City of Edmonton, Edmonton Arts Council. Planned comple­tion 2019, under construc­tion.

53°30’N wins the international competition for NETG in Edmonton

rebuilding of Cumulus 08.07

The neon­sculp­ture Cumulus 08.07 was completely destroyed in case of a fire in 2012. The orig­inal ’neon cloud’ has now been completely rede­vel­oped and trans­formed into a new mate­rial.
LED light object 300 x 220 x 160 cm. Client: Licht­prom­e­nade Lipp­stadt in coop­er­a­tion with local compa­nies. Concept 2008, Comple­tion 2009, rebuild December 2016.

rebuilding of Cumulus 08.07

1. price for 24 kt in Marzahn-Hellersdorf

A nest from approx. 1 kg 24 kt gold in an exte­rior wall build-in vacuum show­case will  serve as an invest­ment and a foun­da­tion for future needs of the new primary school Am Habicht­shorst in Berlin Marzahn-Hellers­dorf. A fixed agree­ment will allow the opening of the show­case and destruc­tion of the nest after a minimum of 14 years and convert the proceeds into some­thing that all students, teachers and parents agree on.

Compe­ti­tion of the Berlin District Office of Marzahn-Hellers­dorf, Client: Senate Depart­ment for Urban Devel­op­ment in accor­dance with ReimarHerbst. Architekten. In process, planned comple­tion 2018.


1. price for 24 kt in Marzahn-Hellersdorf