Realised in 2002 in the Martin Gropius hospital in Eber­swalde, Germany. Commis­sioned by the Bernau State Plan­ning Office and the Bran­den­burg Ministry of Finance.

Five large flatscreens inserted between the pillars of the atrium of the Eber­swalde regional hospital show hands walking on their finger­tips. The glass-roofed atrium in the main building, through which visi­tors, patients and staff get to the vestibule and the adjoining build­ings, is one of the most multi­fac­eted hubs in the entire complex. Here different paces of life meet—people looking for recep­tion, rushing to the cafe­teria, meeting some­body and waiting, people who are just looking or walking round the block. The walking hands appear free, like in a shadow play, in front of a flat black back­ground. There are different types of hands, older and younger ones, all having their own way of walking and pace. Some stop for a while and “look” into the room, others hurry in pairs or threes through the indi­vidual moni­tors. Anal­o­gously to the move­ments of the visi­tors, patients and the hospital staff, simple gestures, everyday move­ments and meet­ings are staged without dramatic climaxes by the silently walking hands.