No one buys or sells anything there (Multiple)

Sawn out of a wooden panel made of rough box wood, measuring, 64,0 x 61,5 cm, 3 cm thick, (Edition of 10), 2013

The short passage „Nobody buys or sells anything there“ is taken from a 15th century text, the “Sterf­boeck” (Death Book), 1491—a prac­tical guide and philos­ophy with the aim of showing how to behave to reach the right place in the after­life.  The text contains many more fantastic prophe­cies. The frame is a monu­ment to longing which Kant defines as “an empty wish” (here the empty frame) and as “able to destroy the time between the desire and fulfilling that desire.*

* Immanuel Kant on anthro­pology and peda­gogy: Schriften zur Anthro­pologie und Päda­gogik, Leipzig 1839, p. 276.