24 kt

a bird’s nest, cast of solid fine-gold twigs serves as a concep­tual foun­da­tion for the new Fuchs­berg primary school in the district of Berlin Marzahn-Hellers­dorf. The golden nest is kept in a bullet proof glass safe in the school building visible for the chil­dren. A contrac­tual agree­ment spec­i­fies the terms and condi­tions under which the school may open the glass-safe and destroy the nest after a minimum of 14 years to convert the proceeds into some­thing that a commu­nity of students, teachers and parents commonly agreed upon. As such and due to its economic value the golden nest also serves as an invest­ment for future needs of the school.

74 twigs of different weight and size cast from solid fine-gold, arranged and bound with fine-gold-wire, ca. 220 x 220 x 60 mm, frosted glas plinth 180 x 180 x 20 mm, engraved stain­less steel plaque underneath.(Extensive elec­tronic moni­toring and secu­rity system of the show­case and rooms installed by the Senate Department.)

Compe­ti­tion of the Berlin District Office of Marzahn-Hellers­dorf 2014. New building by HerbstKunkler.architects. Client: Senate Depart­ment for Urban Devel­op­ment und Housing of Berlin. Completed October 2018. 
Photos: Thorsten Goldberg