Opera się nie skończy, dopóki śpiewa gruba dama

(The opera ain‘t over till the fat lady sings)
A large tambourine, 5 m diam­eter x 1,2 m, red-white coated aluminum construc­tion with seven bronze pigeons atop standing upright at the entrance to the sculp­ture park of the Center for Polish Sculp­ture, Oronsko/PL. Completed 2017.

Posi­tioned at the entrance, the tambourine is a prelude to the sculp­ture-park and an announce­ment of what­ever follows. It focuses the view and draws the eye into the depth of the scenery. The sculp­ture utilizes the entire space and turns the lawn into a stage. Apart from being used to accom­pany dances, tambourines were played in proces­sions, at festiv­i­ties or to announce a grand entrance. Pigeons that rest atop the instru­ment intro­duce tempo­rality into the scene: the date of announce­ment lies in the past, a frozen moment of joyful antic­i­pa­tion - it remains unclear, whether the perfor­mance ever happened.

Client: Center for Polish Sculp­ture, Oronsko/PL
in accor­dance with Eulalia Domanowska, Director.
Photos: Thorsten Goldberg