1st prize for the floating ring / competition Art in Construction for the new building of the museum in Friedland Refugee Camp

The jury chaired by Albert Weis unan­i­mously recom­mends the design of the floating ring by Thorsten Gold­berg for realization.
Awarding authority: State Construc­tion Manage­ment of Southern Lower Saxony on behalf of Marcus Rogge
Jury: Chris­tian Helwing, Artist; Dr. Carina Plath, Stell. Director Sprengel Museum Hannover; Renate Wolff, artist; Albert Weis, artist; Klaus Haus­mann, Museum Fried­land; Marcus Rogge, awarding authority, head of SB SN; Raoul Kunz, archi­tect, dichter Architektur; Anett Janiszewski, awarding authority Baugrup­pen­lei­t­erin (Baugruppe 3), SB SN; Timo Herrmann, bbz landschaftsarchitekten
Compe­ti­tion manage­ment: Dagmar Schmidt and Robert Patz
Project manage­ment: Cornelia Henning, Mrs. Kruppa