Standby Potsdam

Realised as part of the exhi­bition project “Auf zu den Sternen” (To the Stars) orga­nized by the Bran­den­bur­gischer Kunstverein from September 2000 to March 2001 on the Schiff bauer­gasse indus­trial site in Potsdam.

A vertical gas flame, around 100 cm long, emerges at a height of 30 m from the side of an indus­trial chimney in a disused coking plant. Controlled by an elec­tronic ignition mech­anism and fed by a specially installed gas pipe, the flame burns contin­u­ously from dusk until dawn. This inter­vention in the given situ­ation is visible from afar. On the one hand the sideways flame implies that there is a problem with the indus­trial plant or a leak in the chimney, on the other hand it does revive the disused plant. The licking flame marks the deserted place, the ruin on the banks of the river Havel. Flames and ruins are a theme used in Roman­ticism. Goldberg high­lights the standby situ­ation of the indus­trial site which is temporarily unused but could be reac­ti­vated at any time.