Pink Occur­rence

Inter­aktive fog-sculpture on the bank of the Nowa Motlawa, Stare Dolni in Gdansk/PL. Designed 2012 for the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk compe­tition for the Laznia Centre of Contem­porary Art. In process, completion planned 2018.

A dense pink fog cloud measuring about 500 x 300 x 200 cm is inter­ac­tively released on a terrace on the banks of the Nowa Motlawa river next to Torunska bridge. Every tenth passer-by who crosses the bridge going east into the Dolne Miasto area of the city triggers the formation of a cloud on one of the old stone terraces on the river­banks. However, every cloud dissolves after a minute. Motion sensors on the bridge trigger fog nozzles which produce very fine mist. The cloud is also illu­mi­nated by red spot­lights set in the ground. The Dolne Miasto area of Gdańsk forms a peninsula which is surrounded by waterways, 17th century bastions, the Nowa Motlawa river and a dual carriageway to the north. An underpass under the dual carriageway and the two-lane Torunska bridge are the main gateways to the area. These form narrow streets, rather like secret paths into the area. Goldberg compares these entries to back doors which are normally only used by insiders, servants or family friends. As such they have a private nature which Thorsten Goldberg takes up when welcoming visitors with a personal gesture: a cloud of fog, candy-floss-like in its arti­ficial pinkness, rises by the riverbank. The unex­pected trig­gering of this signal, which can also be seen from afar, causes confusion, but at the same time marks this nonde­script place.