Radom Cumulus

Designed 2010, realized in 2014  for the Mazovian Centre of Contem­porary Art - Elek­trownia in Radom, Poland. A three-dimensional light object made of 19 layers of curved neon contours, stacked hori­zon­tally on top of each other. The contours form a stylized cumulus cloud that rests on the very edge of the roof above the entrance of the new built museum. The neon cloud measures 300 x 210 x 160 cm.

The hori­zontal neon contours are direct sculp­tural repre­sen­ta­tions of drawn hatchings, as seen in drawings of clouds on medieval maps: Drawing, object and light instal­lation combine so that the trans­formed drawing of a cloud, here as a real and illu­mi­nated object, accen­tuates the urban space. Clouds are used as metaphors for the afterlife, for wanderlust, infinity and freedom of thought— for longings in general.

Client: Zbigniew Belowski, Art Director and Włodz­imierz Pujanek, Director, Mazovian Centre of Contem­porary Art - Elek­trownia, Radom
Curator: Eulalia Domanowska, Art Director of the Centre of Polish Sculpture in Orońsko