Stereo­scopic photo on lenticular foil, three panels, 360  x 180 cm, 2012.

A sculp­tural recre­ation of the ficti­tious map “Accurata Utopia Tabula” by Johann Baptist Homann (c. 1700) was measured in three dimen­sions, scanned and printed from different views to produce a stereo­scopic image. The “Accurata Utopia Tabula” map was made by the German cartog­rapher Johann Baptist Homann (1664–1724). It puts the travel account “Erklärung der Wunder-seltzamen Land-Charten UTOPIÆ” (Expla­nation of the wonderful and strange map of UTOPIA) by the imperial general Andreas Schnebelin into a scien­tific context, since it maps out longed-for places and depicts with great accuracy an area of the utopian world consisting of 17 provinces and several groups of islands. In a work from 1494, Sebastian Brants described the Land of Milk and Honey as a parody of paradise. It is a ficti­tious place where all conceivable human desires are fulfilled.