The opera ain‘t over till the fat lady sings

A large tambourine, 5 m diameter x 1,2 m, red-white coated aluminum construction with seven bronze pigeons atop standing upright at the entrance to the sculpture park of the Center for Polish Sculpture, Oronsko/PL. Completed summer 2017.

20.000 Morgen

32 silver-plated terrain-models at a scale of 1:50.000 in each room of the guest house of the THW (Federal Agency for Tech­nical Relief) federal school in Neuhausen / Fildern. Completed in fall 2016.

Reflected Ministry

Inter­active Videoin­stal­lation projected onto the glass-facade of the building A3, Cross­buildings (Kreuzbauten) in Bonn. Completed 2015.

Pink Occur­rence

Inter­aktive fog-sculpture on the bank of the Nowa Motlawa, Stare Dolni in Gdansk/PL. Designed 2012 for the Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdańsk compe­tition for the Laznia Centre of Contem­porary Art. Completion planned, pending.

Radom Cumulus

Designed 2010, realized in 2014 for the Mazovian Centre of Contem­porary Art - Elek­trownia in Radom, Poland. A three-dimensional light object made of 19 layers of curved neon contours, stacked hori­zon­tally on top of each other. The contours form a stylized cumulus cloud that rests on the very edge of the roof above the entrance of the new built museum.

And honey upon hawthorn grows

Realized in 2013 in the park Nadmorski in Gdansk/PL within the South Baltic Program, Wind Energy in the Baltic Sea Region 2 coor­di­nated by the Elec­trotech­nical Institute Gdansk Branch.

Cumulus 11.08

Realized in 2012 as a permanent instal­lation in the sculpture park of the Herbert Gerisch Foun­dation in Neumünster, Germany. A stylised cloud made from shiny white plastic measuring 300 x 200 x 200 cm is swivel­mounted at a height of 580 cm at the tip of a 450 cm-long hori­zontal crossbeam which swings above the house.

60°N 05°E (encased waterside)

A rectan­gular, polished stainless steel panel measuring 416 m² covers the stony shore of an inner city fjord with a small island. The panel is exactly aligned according to the earth’s coor­dinate system and relates to the area between 60°22’52.55“N / 60°22’51.8“N and 05°20’01.24“E / 05°20’02.32“E. 2010 designed for the Norwegian city of Bergen, installed 2012 as part of the Bybanen Art Program.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Randomized neon­signs marking the former frontier crossing point Ober­baum­bridge Berlin. Realised in 1997. Commis­sioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Devel­opment and the Envi­ronment as a permanent marker on the Ober­baum­brücke, the former border crossing between East and West Berlin.

Milk & Honey in Ratingen

Mirrored LED text presented as part of the exhi­bition project “Blick­wechsel” in North Rhine Westphalia—42 art projects in public space, 2011.

Cumulus Berlin

Realised in 2010 in the garden courtyard of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agri­culture and Consumer Protection in Berlin.

Standby Potsdam

A vertical gasflame, realised as part of the exhi­bition project “Auf zu den Sternen” (To the Stars) orga­nized by the Bran­den­bur­gischer Kunstverein from September 2000 to March 2001 on the Schiff bauer­gasse indus­trial site in Potsdam.

Cumulus 08.07

Designed in 2008 for the sculpture path “Licht­prom­enade” (Prom­enade of Light), realised in 2009 in Lipp­stadt, Germany.

Die Potsdamer

Film production for Pots­damer Straße in Berlin. Not realised. Winner of the 2005 compe­tition “Pots­damer Straße—Künstlerische Installation(en) zur Kunst- und Kulturgeschichte” (Potsdam Street—Artistic Installation(s) relating to the history of art and culture).

Milk & Honey

A large scale slide in a light box, 230 x 180 x 12 cm, at the Berlin S-Bahn station Unter den Linden, as part of the “trans­portale”, April – May 2003.

Wismar depot

Luminous red neon text spelling “Milch & Honig” in back-to-front letters in the old city harbour of Wismar. Installed in 2005 during “Zum Wasser—ins Licht”, Kunst im Stad­traum Wismar. (To the Sea—into the Light, Art in Urban Space in Wismar).

Rivers of wine & beer

A steel profile frame with white and blue neon letters running around it and a round hole in the ground, realised as part of the Wies­badener Kunst­sommer “Wo bitte geht’s zum Öffentlichen?” (2006 Summer of Art, Wies­baden, Germany “Show me the Way to the Public Sphere!”).

Hunger and Thirst, Coke and Sausages

Inter­vention with three men on a balcony covered in flowers on the Wies­badener Rathaus­markt, 24th of August 2000 – 16th of September 2000.

Realised in 2002 in the Martin Gropius hospital in Eber­swalde, Germany. Commis­sioned by the Bernau State Planning Office and the Bran­denburg Ministry of Finance.


Five large flatscreens inserted between the pillars of the atrium of the Eber­swalde regional hospital show hands walking on their fingertips. Realised in 2002 in the Martin Gropius hospital in Eber­swalde, Germany. Commis­sioned by the Bernau State Planning Off ice and the Bran­denburg Ministry of Finance.


Glazed section, measuring 250 x 140 cm, of the brick back wall of the exhi­bition hall of the Kunsthalle Münster, 2002, a visitors’ bench, construction spot­lights mounted on the inside and outside.

International Sculpture

A protective wall of approx­i­mately 1,500 sandbags in front of the Kunsthalle, realised in 1993 on the occasion of the exhi­bition “Kunst im Welt­maßstab” (Art on a World Scale) at Kunsthalle zu Kiel, Germany, as a Thomas Bauer project (Thorsten Goldberg and Wieland Bauder).