Neon Cumulus

Light object made from neon outlines suspended on thin steel ropes, luminous blue, ca. 300 x 210 x 160 cm, chrome-plated steel sheets, 2011.

The hori­zontal neon contours are direct sculp­tural repre­sen­ta­tions of drawn hatchings, as seen in drawings of clouds on medieval maps. Drawing, object and light instal­lation combine so that the trans­formed drawing of a cloud, here as a real and illu­mi­nated object, accen­tuates the space. By being arti­ficial, the object is highly poet­i­cally attractive to the observer. As an everyday natural phenomenon we are familiar with clouds. They are used as a symbol or an allegory of human feelings: there are “dark clouds in the sky” or “we are on cloud nine”. Clouds are used as metaphors for the afterlife, for wanderlust, infinity and freedom of thought— for longings in general.