Realized works in public space

2018 53°20′ five topo­graphic models of mountain land­scapes on the new North East Transit Garage building in Edmonton/CA (in process)
2019 Pink Occur­rence, inter­active fog cloud on the bank of the Nowa Motlawa River in Gdańsk/PL (in process)
2018 24 kt, a birds nest made of approx. 1 kg pure gold serves as a foun­dation for the new primary school Habicht­shorst in Berlin Marzahn (in process)
2017 The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings, sculpture for the Center for Polish Sculpture, Oronsko/PL
2016 Cumulus 0807, recon­structing the light sculpture of a cloud for Licht­prom­enade Lippstadt
2016 20.000 Morgen, 32 silver-plated landscape-models at a scale of 1:50.000 for the new building of a guest house of the THW (Federal Agency for Tech­nical Relief) federal school in Neuhausen
2015 Reflected Ministry, inter­active video projection for the building of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Federal Ministries in the Kreuzbauten, Bonn
2014 Radom Cumulus, Neon Cumulus on top of the new museum “Elek­trownia”, Mazovian Centre of Contem­porary Art in Radom/PL
2013 And Honey Upon Hawthorn Grows, wind driven lantern in the Park Nadmorski in Gdansk/PL
2012 Cumulus 11.08, permanent Sculpture for the Herbert-Gerisch Foun­dation in Neumünster/DE
  60°N 05°E (encased waterside), polished steel and light sculpture covering a bank in the city of Bergen/NO
2010 Milk & Honey, mirrored fluo­rescent letters on the façade of the Museum in Ratingen within “Blickwechsel”
2010 Cumulus Berlin, permanent sculpture for the Federal Ministry of Food, Agri­culture and Consumer Protection, Berlin
2009 Cumulus 08.07, neon sculpture of a cloud for Licht­prom­enade Lippstadt
2006 Inventar, Inventory of the historical busts and bases, Charité Hospital Berlin
  Rivers of Wine & Beer, neon-prophecy, instal­lation within the project “Show me the way to public sphere”, Wiesbaden
2005 Die Pots­damer, Film-production of a  race­horse and horse­woman on Pots­damer­straße in Berlin. 1. price and recom­mended for real­ization, not yet realized
  Depot Wismar, mirrored neon-writing on a shallow storage building in the old harbour, Wismar
2004 Nächster Halt - Milch & Honig, permanent instal­lation of a fictive bus stop, Haupt­straße Heidenheim
2003 Milk & Honey, historical map of the Land of Milk and Honey as a large back light display, Unter den Linden / Pariser Platz, Berlin
2002 curtain mov., permanent kinetic instal­lation of a slow-moving curtain, Martin-Gropius-Hospital, Eberswalde
  finger­walks, Finger­walks, permanent video instal­lation on 5 large TFT Panels, MartinGropius-Hospital, Eberswalde
  concierge, brick doorpost with inte­grated plate and entry phone, Bergkamen-Heil
2000 stand-by Potsdam, gas flame on a chimney of a fallow indus­trial plant, Potsdam
  Hunger and Thirst, Coke and Sausages, inter­vention with three singers, sculpture project Wiesbaden
1998 Einmal ganz viel von allem, (Once very much of all), planting, Levillain-Park, Museum Heidenheim
1997 Rock, Paper, Scissors, randomized neon-signs as a permanent marking of the former frontier crossing point Ober­baum­bridge Berlin
  big game (hunt), (in coll. with A. Kaufmann, R. Reit­ermann), one day game, Central Square Lüdenscheid
1996 reich­weite, griffhöhe, (Range, grasping height), permanent neon-installation and façade work, Berlin-Hellersdorf
1993 Inter­na­tional sculpture, (as Thomas Bauer), a rampart of 1500 sandbags in front of the museum for “Kunst im Welt­maßstab”, Kunsthalle zu Kiel
1991 Nach­hausegehen Zuhaus­esein Zuhause­bleiben, Going home Being home Staying at home (as Thomas Bauer), 10 bill­boards, Stuttgart


Selected solo exhibitions

2017 Constructing Clouds (Oronsko), Center for Polish Sculpture, Oronsko/PL
2017 Zi124/buy@Globus (with M. Kalt­wasser) studio im Hochhaus Licht­enberg, Berlin
2013 51°15min, Städtische Galerie im Park, Viersen
  54°24min, Laznia II, Museum of Contem­porary Art Gdansk/PL
2012 54°4min, Herbert-Gerisch Foun­dation, Neumünster
2010 Constructing clouds, Whitecon­cepts, Berlin
2005 Things are generally different behind closed doors, Espai 13, Museo Fundació Miró, Barcelona/ES
  Generic profile, RLBQ Gallery, Marseille/FR
  Goldberg, Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
  Detached village, Ausstel­lung­shalle zeit­genös­sischer Kunst (Hawerkamp), Münster
2001 Goldberg u. Jensen, XX1 Galerie, Warsaw/PL
1999 Goldberg, Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
1998 Goldberg u. Chor­penning, Belle­vue­ga­lerie, Wiesbaden
1997 Birdies inside, Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
1996 Birdies, Wewerka Pavillon, Münster
  Remotes, Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
1995 Schmutz, (Goldberg u. Bauder), Kunst­museum Heidenheim
1994 Goldberg, Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
1993 Goldberg, Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
1992 Glanz und Elend, (Goldberg, Bauder) Galerie Nöth, Kirchheim
  Goldberg - one weekend, Würt­tem­ber­gischer Kunstverein Stuttgart
1989 Die halbe Miete, Stuttgart
1985 Media exposure, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart


Selected group shows

2017 Trans­ac­tions – About the value of artistic labour, Haus am Lützow­platz, Berlin
2016 the Touch, about haptic art, BWA Gallery Bydgoszcz/PL
  the Touch, about haptic art, BWA Gallery Kielce/PL
2014 the space between archi­tecture + art, Aq Gallery Berlin
2013 Money works, Whitecon­cepts, Berlin
2012 Der Goldene Käfig, Whitecon­cepts, Berlin
2011 The eye of … recep­tions of input, Trans­me­diale, Whitecon­cepts, Berlin
2010 Blick­wechsel NRW, Museum Ratingen
  Blick in die Land­schaft, Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
  zeigen, eine Audiotour - Karin Sander, Temporäre Kunsthalle Berlin
  Space matrix 01 (invention of spaces), Whitecon­cepts, Berlin
2009 Falscher Hase oder vom Leben in den Wäldern, Galerie M, Berlin
2008 Tiefen­rausch, OK Center Linz/AT
2007 I´m longing for …, House of Iranian Artists, Teheran/IR
2006 Nassauischer Kunstverein Wiesbaden
2004 Kunst­museum Heidenheim
2002 Discurski, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok/PL
2001 Sybaris, Baltic Biennale, Stettin/PL
  Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
2000 Intrigue and Provo­cation, Ciurlionis Museum, Kaunas/LT
1999 NGBK, Berlin
1998 Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
  Westend, Karl-Hofer-Gesellschaft, Berlin
1996 Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
1995 Fräulein Eislingen, Kunstverein Eislingen
  Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
1994 Würt­tem­ber­gischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart
  Ethno­graphical Museum St. Petersburg/RU
1993 Wider­stand heute, Villa Merkel, Essligen
  Loock Galerie (former Wohn­mas­chine), Berlin
  Kunst im Welt­maßstab, (T.B.) Kunsthalle Kiel
1992 Jahres­labor, (T.B.) Berlinische-Galerie
  Special appearance (T.B.) bei H.-P. Feldmann, Galerie D. Buchholz, Köln
1991 Forum Junger Kunst, Kunsthalle Kiel, Museum Wolfsburg, Museum Bochum
  Stuttgart-Düsseldorf, Stadt­museum Düsseldorf
  Dem Ornament, Galerie Hafemann, Wiesbaden
1990 Galeria M+, Bratislava/SI
1989 Galerie Babel, Heilbronn
1987 Die erste Spielerei, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart