Pink Occur­rence
inter­active fog-sculpture on the bank of the Nowa Motlawa, Stare Dolni in Gdansk/PL. Inter­na­tional compe­tition outdoor gallery in 2012. Planned real­ization 2015/16.

Cumulus Radom
Neon­cu­mulus for the new Museum Elek­trownia in Radom/PL.
Planned completion autumn 2014. Inau­gu­ration 06. November 2014.

Golden Nest
November 2014: 1. price,  public art compe­tition for the new primary school “Am Habicht­shorst”, Berlin. Planned real­ization 2015/16.

Cumulus 08.07
rede­vel­opment and recon­struction of the destroyed lightsculpture Cumulus 08.07 of the Licht­prom­enade in Lipp­stadt. Completion autumn 2014/15.

Reflected Ministry
permanent videosculpture on the glass-facade, the Cross­buildings in Bonn. Completion in 2014.

And Honey Upon Hawthorn Grows
Sculpture in the Park Nadmorski, Gdansk/PL
Real­ization and Inau­gu­ration June 2013.

Solo Exhi­bition 21.4.2013 - 2.6.2013
Municipal Gallerie Im Park Viersen.

Solo Exhi­bition 15.2.2013 - 7.4.2013
Laznia, Center for Contem­porary Art Gdansk/PL.

Solo Exhi­bition 15.7.2012 - 20.1.2013
Herbert-Gerisch Foun­dation Neumünster.

Cumulus 11.08
Sculpture for the park of the Herbert-Gerisch Foun­dation Neumünster. Real­ization and Inau­gu­ration July 15th 2012.

60°N05°E (encased waterside)
Sculpture, Silvering of a waterside in the city of Bergen/N, Completion 2012, Official Inau­gu­ration 15th of June 2012.

The Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk
Inter­na­tional compe­tition of the outdoor gallery of the city of Gdansk, Poland together with Bert Theis, Olaf Nicolai, Alexandre Arrechea, Tea Mäkipää, Weronica Kier­sztejn and Michat Kozik e.o.
orga­nized by the Centre for Contem­porary Art Laznia
- recom­mended for realization.