Cumulus Berlin

Realised in 2010 in the garden courtyard of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agri­culture and Consumer Protection in Berlin.

A stylised, shiny white cloud made from glass fibre rein­forced plastic, measuring 350 x 250 x 250 cm is mounted at the tip of an 11 m-high, swiv­elling, mirror-coated metal bracket with a 6 m crossbeam. Using a handle the bracket and the cloud can be swiv­elled by hand. The manual position cannot be fixed, and the wind can change the position of the cloud in the garden’s airspace. The garden courtyard of the Ministry is surrounded by buildings on all sides. It is made up of the two repre­sen­tative admin­is­tration buildings, a six-storey ministry newbuild and a school building. The garden consists of strips of planting areas, resulting in a relief-like land­scape formation. With the theme of a field-like structure, a model land­scape was created which resembles aerial photographs of agri­cul­tural land. It is primarily a show garden for the ministry’s employees and is used occa­sionally for events. Similar to a showcase, the garden is looked at more than it is actually used. In its air space floats the stylised cloud, thus reflecting the model-like nature of the garden’s design. The cloud was intro­duced into the sky above the miniature land­scape, as in a collage. The sculpture turns the model-like land­scape of the courtyard into a model space. As the only actor in the sky above the garden courtyard, the cloud is extremely effective in its prominent position: it swivels through an angle of about 200° around the edge of the building. The mirror coating of the mast reflects in its rotation the surrounding archi­tecture and landscape.