60°N 05°E (encased waterside)

A rectan­gular, polished stainless steel panel measuring 416 m² covers the stony shore of an inner city fjord with a small island. The panel is exactly aligned according to the earth’s coor­dinate system and relates to the area between 60°22’52.55“N / 60°22’51.8“N and 05°20’01.24“E / 05°20’02.32“E. 2010 designed for the Norwegian city of Bergen, installed 2012 as part of the Bybanen Art Program.

 Put together from around 800 indi­vidual triangles, it perfectly adapts to the topog­raphy of the ground by following the contours of the shore. The panel stretches from the pavement, which is near the shore and into which the shapes of the metal triangles are set, down to the sea. Depending on the tide, the panel is partially immersed in water. The multi­faceted reflecting surface is pierced with a hole pattern which becomes a wave-like structure over­laying the crys­talline grid of the surface. LED modules mounted under­neath send slowly pulsating light through the perforation.

 60°N 05°E copies and trans­forms the land­scape at the same time. The light impulse which illu­mi­nates the perfo­ration of the indi­vidual triangles overlays the technoid surface with a gentle wave movement, causing the crys­talline structure to appear to be in motion: a silvery cloth covering the land­scape which seems to hover because of the slowly growing and fading light. The work merges a variety of real­ities: on the one hand the large panel reflects the sky and the surrounding area which are captured on its surface, on the other hand the original shore of the fjord is hidden from the observer’s view.

Photo: Thorsten Goldberg